Lifeline batteries are chosen as home batteries on many top end boats. Lifeline batteries may also be the safest easily obtainable in Australia in relation to surge potential under severe overcharge. These capabilities and functions combine to offer the best, fastest charging, most universal, longest lasting & most vibration resistant battery today. While released to the BCI recommended 50%, nearly 1000 life cycles, that will be a lot more than different technologies are provided by Lifeline batteries.

For that past 15 years, Lifeline Battery is a huge chief in growth research and generation of covered lead-acid GPL-27T Battery batteries for your US Navy and US Airforce. Their existing LIFELINE sequence is designed for underwater, RV (Recreational Vehicles), UPS, inverter stand by and solar applications to be able to correct many of the disadvantages of the closed gel (GEL-CELL) batteries.

Batteries are also the safest easily available in Australia on the subject of surge potential. These characteristics and capabilities merge to provide the best, longest-lasting, most universal, fastest recharging and many vibration tolerant battery today. Lifeline batteries give nearly 1000 life-cycles, which will be more than other systems, while discharged towards the BCI recommended 50%.
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